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Poland Courier | Cash on Delivery  Poland  | Delivery Poland

Poland Courier | Cash on Delivery  Poland  | Delivery Poland

We are developing together with EMAG MARKETPLACE!

If you are a seller on Emag then you know for sure that the next market targeted by the sellers in Emag MarketPlace is Poland.

A market with an extraordinary dynamic in online sales, high copying power, the possibility of cash on sale, Poland is a part of the future of online stores in Romania.


TCE COURIER POLAND is probably the cheapest international courier for Poland, so it will be difficult for you to distinguish if your goods are to Suceava or Warsaw, Poland prices being very close.

Moreover, the delivery time in Poland of 3-4 days is perfect for the expectations of an online store.



And that's not a small thing! If the other couriers are fighting only in PRICE for you, we offer you maximum ECONOMY by delivering as many packages successfully .... and so your courier bill is MUCH LOWER !!

We suggest you compare our monthly invoice with that of the current courier and then your decision will be final.


If the other 20% of the packages return undelivered ... do you think you are efficient?


TCE CURIER POLAND, by its specificity offers a courier service with:


- A safe and efficient Poland delivery of Romania door-to-door parcels - Poland with the lowest return rate,

- Transport Poland consolidated freight from your address to the TCE Hub Budapest, closest to the home address;

- Permanent track and trace of Poland shipments;

- Collection of Poland refund and transfer of the refund to the collector account in Romania in 3 days;

- Extended weight limit from 500 grams to 40 kilograms per package Poland;

- Poland orders placed online quickly, through the TCE ORDER application with just two clicks;

- Monthly invoicing and flexible courier payment term Poland;

- Successful delivery rate of over 93%.

- Polish Refund Compensation from the Transport Invoice ..if you want it!


What else would you like ??? Everything ready for a long-term collaboration with positive RESULTS for both parties.

We have 20 years of experience and this can be seen in what we do. Try now the services of TCE CURIER POLAND for great success in your business.

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Romanian Courier Service details

Romanian Courier Service details