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Transportation and courier services are services directly related to the price of road and air pump fuel for the regulated price of kerosene for international air deliveries (US Gulf Coast (USGC) price for kerosene-type jet fuel as reported by the US Energy Information Administration (THEY).

The fuel index for all services is adjusted monthly on the first day of the month. According to the legal regulations, the fuel index is automatically applied in the service invoices and is strictly related to the value of the transport, without application to additional services such as reimbursement or insurance.


Consequently, in order to offer a fair price to customers, TCE applies a different fuel index to road and air services, due to the different evolution between the price of road fuel at the pump and the price of kerosene.  

Fuel price fluctuations influence costs in the courier and transportation industry, which has led to the introduction of a variable fuel index that can increase, decrease or disappear, depending on fuel price fluctuations.

fuel charge - road service 

Romania-Europe envelopes

Romania-Europe envelopes

Romania-Europe envelopes

Currently, the fuel charge is 9.5%.

The fuel index introduced by TCE is applicable to national and international courier services. It is calculated monthly, based on the average price of diesel at the pump, on the last day of the month prior to application, a price that is obtained by accessing the link:

The fuel index is not added to services that do not include transportation. The basic price for the calculation will be 4.78 RON (excluding VAT) / liter. For everyone  5% increase above this level, TCE will introduce a fuel index of 1.35%

Diesel price without VAT (ron / liter) - Fuel index

    3.59 - 3.78 lei - index -6.8%     

3.79 - 3.99 lei - index -5.4%  

4.00 - 4.21 lei - index -4.1%  

4.22 - 4.43 lei - index -2.7%  

4.44 - 4.68 lei - index -1.4%  

4.69 - 5.18 lei - index -0.0%  

5.19 - 5.45 lei - index  1.4%  

    5.46 - 5.73 lei - index  2.7%     

5.74 - 6.02 lei - index 4.1%  

6.03 - 6.33 lei - index  5.4%  

6.34 - 6.66 lei - index  6.8%  

6.67 - 7.00 lei - index  8.1%  

7.01 - 7.36 lei - index  9.5%  

7.37 - 7.74 lei - index 10.8%  

7.75 - 8.13 lei - index 12.2%  

8.14 - 8.55 lei - index 13.5%  

8.56 - 8.98 lei - index 14.9%  

8.99 - 9.44 lei - index 16.2%  

9.45 - 9.92 lei - index 17.6%  

fuel charge - air service

Romania-Europe envelopes

Currently, the fuel charge for air services is 36%.

The value of the fuel index on the air service is communicated by UPS and can be consulted here UPS FUEL SURCHARGE ROMANIA

Regardless of the average fuel prices reported by the EIA or the table below, the actual fuel surcharge percentages shown will apply for the specified periods.

For information on aircraft fuel prices, please see EIA Gulf Coast (USGC) Aircraft Fuel Prices. If the reported fuel price information is delayed, the UPS / TCE may use the reported fuel price information from a previous week.

Download EIA Air Transport Fuel Prices (USGC)

Romania-Europe envelopes