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Delivery in SLovakia fast and cheap with cash on delivery

The RAMBURS SLOVAKIA COURIER service offered by TCE, is today one of the few Slovak courier solutions on the market, which allows the delivery of Slovakia parcels of online stores by Romania-Slovak courier, at the customer's door, with Slovakia refund ... at an INCREDIBLE price.

TCE CURIER Slovakia  at a price of  Very small delivery is probably the cheapest international courier as well  it will be difficult for you to distinguish if your goods are to Suceava or Bratislava, clearly the cheapest courier to Slovakia.

Definitely THE BEST SUCCESSFUL DELIVERY RATE if you want to deliver Slovakia by cash on delivery!

And that's not a small thing! If the other couriers fight only in the LOWEST PRICE, we offer you maximum ECONOMY in courier  delivering as many Slovakia parcels with refund  and success .... and so your Slovakia courier bill is MUCH SMALLER !!


The quality of the Courier Slovakia service comes first!

Advantages Courier Refunds Slovakia

TCE CURIER Slovakia, by its specificity offers an international courier service with:

-  safe and efficient parcel transport Hungary, door to door Romania -Slovakia with the most  low rate of return,

- Transport Hungary consolidated freight from your address to the TCE Hub  Budapest, closest to the home address;

- Permanent track and trace for parcels Slovakia;

-Collection of Hungary refund and transfer of Slovakia refund to collector account in Romania;

- Extended weight limit  from 500 grams to 40 kilograms per package Hungary, up to 500 kg per shipment Slovakia;

- Orders  placed online quickly, user friendly both individually and by import or API through the TCE ORDER application;

- Monthly Slovakia courier service invoicing and flexible payment term;

- Successful delivery rate of over 94% for all packages Slovakia.

Weight Limit Parcel Slovakia

Extended weight limitation on package for deliveries to Slovakia.

When other couriers restrict you, through TCE CURIER Slovakia you can carry heavy parcels (up to 100 kg) or pallets  (up to 800 kg) through the courier network, parcels and pallets with refund to and from Slovakia.

Taking over Parcel Slovakia

As easy as the tour, we can pick up Slovakia from any point and bring the goods quickly to you in Romania. The Slovakia pick-up service is valid door to door.

Courier rates Slovakia

As with the other destinations, we make every effort to offer you the lowest transport rate and we often succeed. It may not be the fastest delivery solution to Slovakia but certainly the price starting with 4 eur / delivery Romania-Slovakia should be noted.

You can get additional details of the delivery service in Slovakia, as well as the service rates by consulting the link below.

Romanian Courier Service details